Student e-portfolios in 2015

This term the 5/6 students have been busy setting up their e-portfolios for 2015 using Google Sites.

Our e-portfolios are a showcase of work and achievements that includes a reflection journal. We will be using the e-portfolio to share our goals for the rest of the year, upload work samples that we are proud of, and write in our reflection journals about what we have been learning. The e-portfolio also includes an “About Me” section where we have been telling our visitors a bit of information about ourselves.

Below are some great examples of e-portfolios that have been created:

Anais 1Flynn1Maddy1 Ryan 1


What do you think about students having their own e-portfolio?

How are you going with using Google Sites?

What other sections would you like to have on your e-portfolio?

What is something that you have done on your e-portfolio that you are proud of?

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102 Responses to Student e-portfolios in 2015

  1. Jacinta says:

    Hi guys Jacinta here,
    I think that students should have their own e – portfolios because some people want to know what you are learning and it can sometimes be a little bit hard to explain. One of the things I am proud of on my e -portfolio is probably my Showcase page because I am proud of all my work on it. I also really like my Genius Hour page because I really like it and I think that other people will like it too. One of the other sections on my e -portfolio is probably maths because I am really proud of it.
    Bye for now but not forever 🙂

  2. claudia says:

    Hi bloggers
    I think a e-portfolio is a good idea so you can keep all your
    stuff in it. Also a e-portfolio is great to see about other people and what
    they like. A eportfolio is good to see what you have done in the year and it is good
    to see how you’ve improved in your work. A e-portfolio is really good.

    From Claudia

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