Year 5/6 1:1 Laptop Program.

Last week was an exciting week at St. Mark’s Primary School…the 5/6 1:1 Laptop Program was launched!

It started with a gathering in the school hall with students, parents and teachers to discuss the program. Families asked many questions and took home all of the important documentation to read over.

1:1 simply means that there is one laptop per student. Two week later, 124 ecstatic students received their very own laptop for use at school and at home.

We will be using the laptops to improve our learning at school and beyond. The teachers are really looking forward to see how using the laptops will help students to develop their knowledge.

We have already been learning some important skills, for example:
  • Logging on and logging off.
  • Saving important bookmarks.
  • Looking after our laptops.
  • Transporting them safely to and from school.
  • How to be safe online.
  • How to communicate via blogs.
And we will be learning much more in the coming months! All of these activities are a part of our Laptop Learner’s Licence which students are striving to achieve.
The Year 5/6 teachers have a lot of activities planned for literacy, maths and inquiry, and we can’t wait to have students using their laptops to their full potential.

How do you think your learning can improve by using laptops in class and at home?

What are you looking forward to doing with your laptop?

Have you got any ideas for educational activities we could be using the laptops for?


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21 Responses to Year 5/6 1:1 Laptop Program.

  1. Darcy says:

    Hey fellow bloggers,
    The 1:1 Laptop program is really good because we can have our own laptop and our own learning facilities in one device. We also learn about responsibility to take care of our laptop and to charge it every night. And we also get to express about what we like to learn most.
    I think that the 1:1 Laptop program will improve the learning of some people but some people might stop relying on other resources like dictionaries and books ect. Overall I think that the laptops are really good.
    From your blogging buddy Darcy 

    • Alexandra says:

      Hi fellows readers,
      Our school started a laptop program. For the 5/6 students I think it’s good because when you learn things its good to have a laptop. I like using my laptop for home work, mathletics, blogs and emails

      From Alexandra

  2. Isabella.W says:

    Hey it’s Isabella.W,
    I think my learning can improve by using laptops because I pay more attention to my learning when I am using laptops and other technology.

    I’m looking forward to learning more things about how to be safe on the internet, how to use laptops properly and what are the dangers of the internet.

    Thanks for listening.
    BYE 

  3. Kelly says:

    Hey everyone,
    I’m really happy that we finally got our laptops! The laptops are really good but the bad thing is that it takes so long to log on. Our learning can improve by using laptops in class and also at home. It’s great at school because now that we’ve got our own laptops, we don’t really have to share with other people and since there’s enough, no one has to wait for someone to finish on the laptops. At home, it would be good because when we do our homework we can now use our laptops! I really enjoy using my laptop, and I hope everyone else does too!
    From Kelly xo

  4. Tom says:

    Hello fellow bloggers my name is Tom and I am really enjoying the 1:1 laptop program. Why? Because it is good to get on the computer and learn at the same time. The 1:1 laptop program is a good idea because it gives the kids a chance to learn to use the 21st century technology. The good thing about the 21st century technology is we can make animations on programs like scratch and pivot. The reason why making animations is a good idea because it can give kids the knowledge to make animations.

    From your friend and classmate Tom

  5. Tyler says:

    Hi 5/6’s it is Tyler here,
    It was awesome that we got our own laptops, it was a great job for Mr Speranza and the teachers to give us this opportunity for our learning.
    I know with this laptop it is only used for education.
    For the laptops education and my learning I like Mathletics, Cool Maths and the Eiki to learn about the 5/6’s.
    From Tyler

  6. Chloe P. says:

    Hi fellow bloggers. My name is Chloe P.
    At our school we have started a 1:1 laptop program. It just means that there is 1 laptop per child. I believe that it is a great program to start, because we have our own learning facilities in one device that is ours. Children may learn a lot easier on the laptops then teachers’ writing stuff on the board, and it brings us closer to technology. I am really looking forward to learning how to use different devices on the laptop. I don’t have a lot of educational games on my mind but I have one that I always LOVE to play and that is called mathletics. If you want to get started on it go to It is really fun and an educational game

    From your blogging buddy Chloe P.

  7. Mr Anthony Speranza says:

    Hello bloggers,

    I’m glad to hear that the students are really positive about our laptop program. We are lucky to have such supportive parents who have been willing to contribute to the program and support the teachers. The students are really lucky to have this opportunity, and I’m excited about the future learning for everyone involved.

    I look forward to your feedback on the program, and would love to hear any suggestions on how you think the laptops could be best used for learning.

    – Mr Speranza 😉

  8. Boris says:

    Hello everyone, it’s Boris here!

    The new 1:1 laptop program is a wonderful idea at St Marks. I think this because students have a much more comfortable learning position as lots of students have their own laptops at home and do work on it. As a 5/6 student I look forward to doing school work on my laptop as some activities will be fun and some will be not as fun. Activities could consist of going on a educational website and playing educational games.

    From Boris

  9. Paige says:

    Hey Boggers,
    The 5/6’s new laptops are AWESOME!!! Last week the 5/6 teachers launched the new 1:1 laptop program. Every 5/6 student received a new laptop and had lots of agreements to sign and so did our parents. I think everyone likes them! 1:1 means 1 laptop per person. As 5/6’s we have learnt how to log on and off the laptop, how to behave on the laptop, how to transport them to places and how to look after our laptop. I think our learning can improve with our laptops because we learn more things and have access to more information. I like the 1:1 program.

  10. Theo says:

    Hi 5/6s,
    It’s Theo here. Finally our laptops are here! I hope everyone is liking the laptops and learning lots with them. I think we can improve our learning as we get used to laptops and then we’ll really be ready for high school.

    I am looking forward to using them to learn with my friends.

    I think Mathletics is a good educational site for us kids to improve our maths skills. My favourite thing to do on Mathletics is to complete the tasks to get gold bars because it makes me feel really proud of myself.


  11. Jason says:

    Hi everyone,
    First blog of 2013, yay! The 1:1 computers is a great program though the 5/6 area and probably continue till the school can keep up with the instant flow of 136 computers each year, maybe even more. Well this is a really good computer and it’s expensive. All the computers are good but I wish we had Apple MacBook Pros, their awesome, or the new version of HP Envy’s, yeah! One websites that are educational that I use are Cool Math-Games. These are good computers anyways.

    Bye, Jason – 5/6P:)

  12. Abby says:

    Hey fellow bloggers,
    I think that the 1:1 comuter program is a great way to find out other things that we want to learn more about. I think it also gives us a responsibility to look after our computer. 
    I think the 1:1 computer program is a great way to communicate with other 5/6 students and learn right from wrong rules about cyber safety. It is very useful in the classrooms when researching topics for projects.

  13. Jade says:

    Hi 5/6’s

    I think your learning can improve a lot by having a laptop because there are thousands of maths, reading, spelling, and more games that you could play and learn a lot from them. I was looking forward to being able to play all different games like mathletics, 5/6 wiki and all the others. I think mathletics is a really good site 1 because its safe, 2 it has some awesome new features, and 3 if its to hard you can pick something easier or something harder

    Thanks for reading from Jade

  14. Jayden says:

    Hello fellow bloggers its Jayden here,

    At St. Marks we have started a new program called 1:1 Laptop. It just means that there is one laptop per person. I am looking forward to using my laptop for subjects in school. I think that the laptop is going to help me learn a lot easier, because it is going to be simpler to access things. I have one educational game on my mind that I love using whenever I can and that is called mathletics. If you want to get started go to

    From Jayden

  15. Steph says:

    Hello everyone,
    I think the 1:1 laptops are great for all the students. They are good for all the students because they can use them for projects, Homework and many other things. Our learning can improve because there are good websites that are good like Mathletics and other maths games and we have our blog and the St.Marks wiki. We have had our laptops foe quite a bit now and I’m really enjoying them to go on mathletics and write blog posts on our blog. It is good for writing because sometimes we can type and other times we can write in our books but I like to type because my typing has improved heaps. The laptops where a great idea to bring into St.Marks.

    From Steph!

  16. Cooper says:

    Hey fellow bloggers,
    I think the 1:1 laptop program is a good thing for us at school because we can use them when we need to, we can take them home to charge and do homework and especially when we have to do a test or do work that you all need a computer to do it.
    I think the computer has helped us out heaps with our test, homework and school work.

    From your blogger Cooper 🙂

  17. Michael L. says:

    Hello fellow bloggers,

    Its Michael here, and i’m here to talk about the 1:1 laptop program.
    This year we got our very own laptops to take home, which I think is awesome.
    I also think that it’s a good opportunity to take responsibility for our laptops.
    Bye, From Michael 🙂

  18. Iszy R. says:

    Hi 5/6’s,

    Well so far the 1:1 laptop program has been a great success. I think me and the rest of the 5/6’s have been really enjoying going on the laptops instead of writing in our books. I have learnt heaps of things on the laptops, and I’ve enjoyed most of it! Since im in group 5 I haven’t learnt as much as the others but my friends have helped me with it. I really like going on mathletics on my laptop because we can now play with our friends and its so fun! I really like using the laptops and I hope this program continues going on for the next 5/6’s!

    Bye from Iszy 

  19. Benjamin says:

    Hi 5/6 it is Ben here,
    It was awesome that we got our own laptops, it was a great job for Mr Speranza and the teachers to give us this opportunity for our learning.It gives us a chance for us to show the teachers that we are responsible of having our laptops.
    Bye From Ben

  20. Marcus says:

    Hi its Marcus here,
    Having our own personal laptop is an awesome idea 🙂 I think that by having 1:1 laptop within the year 5/6 level we will be able to achieve better results on our studies. I think that they help us with completing our work, by being more efficient and effective. I look forward to doing more related laptop work in the future!!!

    From Marcus 🙂

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