Kidsnews 2012 E18

Kidsnews 2012 Episode 18 was brought to you by Isabella, Olivia, Jack and Mary-Anne.

The poll question is related to our school rules, “The Three I’s”:

“The Three I’s”: I am a Learner, I am Respectful, I am Safe.

The poll question continues to be:


The visual literacy continues to be:

Explain it! – Write a creative story for this picture and email it to us at !

What did you like about the show?

What was done well? / What could be improved for next time?

Do you think “The Three I’s” are making our school a better place? Why or why not?

Have you ever complete the Premier’s Reading Challenge?

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2 Responses to Kidsnews 2012 E18

  1. Mr O'Brien says:

    Great show team. I thought that it had an interesting balance of stories, was presented well by Olivia and Isabella and was about the right length for an episode. Well done team

  2. Isabella.W says:

    Thanks Mr.O’Brien.
    It was a bit nerve racking being a host on kidsnews, but I enjoyed it a lot.


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