Class of 2018 Graduation

Today we say goodbye and farewell to the graduating Class of 2018!


Memories from Foundation to Year 6:


A “Carpool Karaoke” featuring the graduating class of 2018 at St. Mark’s Primary School:


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Class of 2017 Graduation

Today we said farewell to the class of 2017.

In the evening we had our Graduation liturgy and ceremony at school. After the liturgy was over, the graduation ceremony began. All students were presented with a graduation certificate, a placard of a San Damiano Cross, and a photo of all Year 6 students. 12 special awards were also given out.

Across more than 70 students in Year 6 in 2016, it was a tough job for the teachers to decide who should be the recipients. Congratulations to the following students who received these awards:

Claire O’Neil Award (Community Spirit & Leadership) – Vivien

Rotary Award (Literacy Endeavor) – Sienna P

City of Kingston (All round excellence) – Cailani
City of Kingston (All round excellence) – Charlotte F
City of Kingston (All round excellence) – Cody G

Lions Club (Community & Leadership) – Giulia M
Lions Club (Community & Leadership) – Josh G

Parents association Academic Excellence Award – Ana S
Parents association Academic Excellence Award – Enrico P 
Parents association The Arts Award – Sam P
Parents association Spirit of Sport Award – Jackson D

SSV Sporting & Academic Achievement Medal – Bianca A

After the ceremony, all students, teachers and parents assembled in the hall. School leaders Lachlan and Sienna gave a final speech and reflected on their years at St. Mark’s.

After that the lights went down and the moment had come that everyone had been waiting for…

Over the last 2 months, students and teachers had been working on a surprise graduation film inspired by the 2016 / 2017 viral mannequin challenge trend. Students worked hard at creating their own video clip to show families on graduation night.


Memories from the Class of 2017:


Mannequin challenge!

Farewell, and good luck to the graduating class of 2017!

What do you think about our student graduation film?

What will be your fondest memories of your time at St. Mark’s?

What will you be looking forward to after you leave St. Mark’s?

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Kidsnews 2017 E13

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